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I had no idea only white actresses were allowed to audition. That's awful! I agree with you - I loved Lawrence as Katniss but when the casting was announced, I was taken aback. My vision of Katniss was more Latino/Mediterranean. And hell, from the film, Cinna and Rue were the outstanding performances for me (incidentally I thought Thresh was perfectly cast - just how I'd pictured him). Seeing these comments is heartbreaking and infuriating. I always assume my generation is more enlightened, but then you see this and realise how shitty society can still be.

Cinna and Rue were amazing. They did wonders with what were rather small roles, and yeah, totally, Thresh was awesome, too. As it was, I remember watching the movie and thinking, gee, there are a lot of white people in this. Where are all the POCs?

I'm normally so nervous about posting anything about racism (or any -isms, really), but I've been learning a lot and this just so enraged me. I really want to believe society can change, and I hope more people talk about these kinds of things, so that people who are otherwise ignorant idjits will have the opportunity to learn a thing or two.

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