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First Monday Update of the New Year
andrea fisheye
Even though I know that the possibility to change, grown, and improve one's situation exists every day, there's something about the symbolism of a new year starting that helps to inspire me to help me refocus and to get my rear in gear and jump start my goals again. So here I am publicly setting my goals for the new year.

Last year, I didn't set any year long goals, and instead tried to stick to weekly goals. I only sort of succeeded. I still intend to set weekly goals this year as a way to keep me constantly aware of what I'm up to, but I also have some BIG things that I want to get accomplished in the course of this year, so I'll go ahead and post those, too.

2010 Goals:

  • Finish draft 0 of my Untitled Alternate World Fantasy Novel (currently at 51,189 words). In order to accomplish this, I plan to set aside time to write. There's a local coffee shop, where I know there's no wifi, so I can go there and get some focused writing done one to two days a week. Otherwise there are just too many distractions at home. It's the same way I was able to complete Nano.

  • Actively write poetry and short stories for submission to anthologies (which will give me focus and a deadline), preferably a minimum of one submission a month. This is rather scary for me, because completing that many stories and poems on top of completing a novel feels like a lot, not to mention the possibility of facing rejection. However, I'm trying to look at it this way: if I complete a story that's rejected by an anthology, then I will still have a story that can be reworked for submission elsewhere.

  • Train for and participate in the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. I'm not putting "lose weight" as a goal, because I don't think that's a good thing to focus on for me. But running in a marathon with my mother and sisters will be a lot of fun, will challenge me physically, and will probably achieve the "lose weight" thing in the process.

  • Attend a convention of some sort. This is just something that I've been wanting to do and talking about doing for quite some time. I think it's about time I actually did it.

* * * *

Things I MUST do this week:
-- do my 3-4 marathon training days
-- write a minimum of 5000 words on my UAWF novel
-- complete this week's brigits_flame entry
-- post a collab channel youtube video

Things I HOPE to do this week:
-- post a personal youtube video (will complete today)
-- update my resume (just in case)
-- prepare and send out a poetry/short story submission submission (may happen)
-- do a sketch or two and/or get animation art pages done (could happen)
-- do morning poetry/journaling (0/7 days completed) (should happen)

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Wow that's a lot of goals. Going to a local coffee house is a great idea. Back in the summer I would walk to a locally owned coffee shop to get away and relax. I would have spent all day in there with out any stresses, cups of tea and a good book.

Coffee shops are indeed great for disconnecting from distractions. I'm hoping that going to them will keep me focused on the writing, which is by far the most important of my goals.

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