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andrea smile


Joyful Girl

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I'm getting settled back in ...
andrea smile
... or at least as much as I can as I'm still sick, am not sleeping in my own bed because I'm house sitting, and will be this very week looking for an apartment to move into with my friend. Needless to say I'm going easy on the goals this week and they almost all revolve around finalizing my trip to Germany.

This week I need to
-- get my photos together, posted to flickr, and labeled
-- post some of my experiences from germany
-- scan some pages from my travel journal for posting
-- more of the same, I'm sure, as I get to thinking about it

* * *
The one report that I have for this week is that I came back to a rejection from Zyzzvya for a set of my poems in my mail box. Ah, well, on to the next market.

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I am amazed with how much you can do in a week!

Can I friend you on Flickr? I'm on THERE!

Can't wait to see photos from Germany and your travel journal. :)

Haha! I don't usually get my whole to-do list done, so it's kind of an illusion as to how much I'm getting done.

I just added you as a friend on flickr, so I'm sure you can find my profile.

Will try to get my photos up today *fingers crossed*

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