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Joyful Girl

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At Work
I just spent two and a half hours at the office after work rewriting a flash fiction piece to submit. It's off and away.

It's a good thing. But my now back hurts, I'm tired (I've still got an hour commute ahead of me) and I don't want to go running.

I'm feeling like working on my writing means sacrificing my marathon training. And vice versa. I need to figure out the balance between the two.

But first, I just need to get in the car and go home.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you. That's a good idea. I do have a notebook and it might help with the getting ideas down phase.

Also, just getting to the track would help me get back into my groove with running. Mostly it's just showing up to do it. Once I'm there, I'll mostly do the work, but I haven't been able to force myself to stick to my schedule the last couple of weeks. *sigh*

Thanks for the luck, though. I really appreciate it. :)

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