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Story Completed!
ROAR - 2
Almost six months ago, I stayed up past midnight writing the scenes and outlines of a story for anthology market that wasn't even open.

Well, guess what? Machine of Death opened up for submissions for Vol. 2! Yay!

All my writing over the last several weeks has been focused on getting, "Shaking Hands," my submission for MoD, Vol. 2 written. Those midnight notes came in handy and the story fell into place rather quickly. A couple of edits, a run through my writing gang (who gave some excellent feedback), and another edit later, I have a 4,150 word story that I'm rather quite happy with. In fact, I think it's about ready to be sent in.

This marks the first story I've written for a specific anthology that I've actually completed by the deadline. Woohoo!

Also, a spin off of sharing my story with my writing gang is that most of the group has been inspired by the MoD concept and is sitting down to write their own stories for the anthology, which makes me all smiley with joy. Wouldn't it be awesome if we all got into the anthology together? Heck, it would be awesome if anyone of us got into the anthology. (^_^)

(If anyone would like to do a read through of "Shaking Hands" to give me some more feedback this week, I would be very grateful. Just send me an email at andreablythe at hotmail dot com.) I think I'm good on feedback at this point. It's about time I finished up and sent it in!

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Good luck with the submission! I wish I had time to read it - the anthology sounds rather cool.

Thank you! I hope I get in, but you know, just finishing a story within the deadline is awesome. Proves to me that I can do it for other anthologies, too. :)

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