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A Love Poem for the Books of Stephen King
andrea reading
Yesterday, I read a blog in which someone wrote a love letter to The Great Gatsby in honor of Valentine's Day. I loved the idea of writing a love letter to a book, and I immediately started thinking about what book or books I would want to write a love letter, too. There are many, many possibilities, of course, many books I've loved.

But its the books of Stephen King that hold a certain nostalgia for me, because I connect them so clearly with high school. I was obsessed with his books during that time, and I read them one after another, whole days and weekends vanishing as I climbed into King's bizarre worlds. It just made sense to me that those books deserved a love poem, and because I couldn't help myself, I made it into a video.

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Love it! What a fabulous tribute!

I never got into Stephen King, but I still love a good horror novel. What's your favorite by him? I may make that my next read. :)

The Shinning is definitely at the top of my list. Close behind that are The Stand and It (even if his portrayal of women isn't always great). I'm also rather in love with the first three Dark Tower books, with The Gunslinger as my favorite.

But really I loved all of what I would consider classic King, all of my favorites by him were those that were published around the same time period, including The Tommyknockers, Pet Semetary, Salem's Lot, The Dark Side, Carrie, etc.. I haven't read any of his more recent books.

As I list them out, I realize more and more that I've read a hell of a lot of books by King. lol.

I've seen The Shining--it creeped the crap out of me.

And if you say it's your favorite of his novels, I'll take it as a sign that it's a winner. :) :) :)

I've seen many of the movie versions of his books/stories (The Shining, Carrie, Pet Sematary, Dolores Claiborne, Stand By Me). Of those, Stand By Me (based on "The Body") and Dolores Claiborne are my favorites, mainly because they're so plausible while they're horrifying. I do love a good ghost story, though.

Will let you know what I think when I've had a chance to read it. :)

I've seen a lot of the movies, too. The thing about his supernatural tales is that a lot of the endings don't translate well to the screen. So in the movies, you get a rather good build up and then a crap-fest of an ending, when the book is very different.

You know the one set of stories I haven't read is the one that includes the story Stand by Me is based off of. I really should read that one.

I look forward to seeing what you think of The Shinning. :)

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