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andrea smile


Joyful Girl

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I got my new business cards in!
andrea smile
Business Cards

I ordered them on recommendation from a friend from moo.com. I had no idea when I ordered them that they would come in multiple colors (I though I was just getting the teal), but it's a nice surprise. ^_^

If you can't read the card, because of the crappy cell phone pic, is says:

Andrea Blythe
Poet & Writer
of SciFi/Fantasy

Bird Collides with Window

becoming a dark
on the dimpled
blank page
of the snow

originally published at a handful of stones
I feel all ready now to go to my first conference. ^_^

[Cross-posted to my website.]

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Yeah! I'm planning to use them at FogCon. Just got my programming schedule back, too. I get to do a reading and be on one panel, which is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I luvs them with all the sqee.

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