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I need to join Proctastinators Annonymous

funny-pictures-procrastination-cat Weekend number two has passed in which I have done absolutely nothing productive. This was in part to my general feeling of being burned out, and in part because my chiny new iPhone is distracting to the point where I may need to delete a few of the games I have on there, if I want to be functional in the future.

So, yeah, I need to get back to a degree of focus, and to that end I shall be heading straight to a coffee shop after work tonight in an attempt to get some more work done on my short story. I'll get the draft done (I think) in time to submit it to my writing group, but not in time to submit it to the anthology, which is okay with me. I'm not feeling very confident about it and I can always submit it somewhere else.

I'm also still toying with the idea of starting a poetry chapbook kickstarter project. Ideally, I would have done the project in April to coincide with National Poetry Month, but I'm feeling so overwhelmed with work that I think I'm going to postpone it a wee longer (especially since I should really look into the cost of printing before I start it). If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this, I'd love to hear them.

In entirely other news, I saw The Hunger Games over the weekend. They did a fantastic job following the book and fitting a tone of information into a short space of time. Not one scene was wasted, but I never felt like I was being force fed information. In fact, the movie does such a great job of revealing the history through the development of the story that the text introduction at the beginning is rather unnecessary.

Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss wonderfully, bringing the subtlety of emotion that I was hoping for. There's one scene, where she's just standing there and you can see the absolute terror on her face, and throughout she does a good job of expressing the contradiction of her underlining emotions, which don't necessarily line up with the emotions she needs to perform for the sake of the Hunger Games in order to win sponsors.

The movie also did a great job with showing the brutality of the Hunger Games, while maintaining the necessary PG13 rating. The director used camera trickery to mask the worst of the violence, hinting at the bloodshed without letting it dissolve into an absolute gorefest. To me, it was just enough and really well done.

Several people have asked me if they should read the book before watching the movie. My uniform answer is: It depends. If you're the type of person who generally likes to read books before seeing the movies, then I say go for it. But if you're the type of person who prefers to see the movie before reading the book (as my sister does, because it helps anchor the characters in her head), then you can wait. But either way, it's a great book and definitely worth reading.
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