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Poetry Project Poll

So, as a form of prastination (one of many), I've been toying with various ideas for poetry projects* -- some I've been thinking about for a while now, some are brand new.

The newest idea, and one that could be done both fairly cheaply and easily (uh huh), is creating one or more pocket/mini chapbooks (thank you Poets & Writers). They would be 4.25 x 2.75 inches in size and 6 pages long (not including the cover). So a tiny little book with a series of very short poems (possibly haikus) or one longer poem spread over several pages. It would be something that I could give out at readings and maybe sell on etsy for a buck or two each.

I've been thinking for over a year about putting together a kickstarter project, which would be called "As Yet Unwritten," in which I would create a chapbook of poetry based entirely on prompts from backers. I like the cooperative aspect of the idea, but I'm also aware that there is a huge time chunk involved in terms of researching cost of publishing a chapbook, running the project, creating the project, mailing the finished product out, etc. So, while conceptually fun and exciting to me, it also seems very, very overwhelming.

Then there's the infamous letter poem series, which is still not complete. In terms of publishing this set, I would hopefully (fingers crossed) work cooperatively with an artist friend of mine, who has created a series of collage art pieces on old envelopes, so that her art and my poetry would appear side by side. Also a fun exciting idea for me. Ideally, I would try to get this one professionally published, but I have no idea how to go about getting an art/poetry book published, or what publishers would be interested in such a thing. So, um, yeah.

And, of course, there's always the final option, the one I've been meaning to do since forever, which is to organize and compile my existing poetry into a booklength collection for the purpose of submitting it to a professional publisher. The only think holding me back here are my own doubts as to whether or not I'm good enough or ready.

Anyway, because I'm still enjoying the planning-level of procrastination, I'm going to give you all a poll to play with. Have fun.

What poetry project should I be working on?

Make a pocket/mini chapbook, please. It would be so cute!
Better yet, make a slew of pocket/mini chapbooks! I want a whole set!
Create a Kickstarter project for a larger, self-made chapbook.
Finish the letter poems series, so you can publish the art/poetry book.
Stop procrastinating with these self-pub projects and compile your poetry to submit to professional publishers.
clicking the empty space / of a tickybox / fills me with joy -- (haiku)

*Not to be confused with the slew of fiction projects that are in various stages of completion.
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