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Being a list of 10 things that happened this week
andrea - dreamy
1. I finished, polished, and submitted my new short story, "The Shadow's Flight," to the anthology Rustblind and Silverbright. Clicking "send" has to be the scariest part of the writing process for me. It's that moment when I keep wanting to do just ONE more proofread of both story and cover letter with the knowledge that once it's been sent, it cannot be retrieved. Once it's gone, I can sit back, comfortable in the knowledge that things are no longer within my control, and what will be will be. I'm quite happy with this story, and wether in this anthology or another market, I'm sure it will find a home.

2. I started work on another short story this week, which has been a little more challenging for me. I started out excited and enthralled with my idea, and was deperately throwing down snippets and phrases into a notebook, but now things have stalled a bit. I have the parameters all sketched out, filling in the colors and the details has turned out to be considerably more difficult. I need to give up finding the "perfect" words and just get any words into sentences and paragraphs in the hopes that my writing gang can read it and review it tonight.

3. The Untitled Werewolf Novel, which now has the tentative title of Beneath the Midday Moon, continues to evolve inside my head. I was originally going to write it in first person with a single perspective. Now, I'm planning to add another character POV, and am undecided on whether to go with first person still or with a limited third person omnicient POV. Decisions, decisions.

4. I posted a new poem on wattpad, called "Ode to an Antique Suitcase," which you can read it here.

5. Yesterday, I pulled off my  sweater and totally freaked out, suddenly sure that I was naked underneath and had just exposed myself to the entire office -- only to realize after a couple of deep calming breaths that it was fine, reall. That I was not naked, but just wearing a nude colored tank top undearneath the sweater. The panic, however, reminded me instantly of those terrible dreams I used to have in high school of being in class without my pants on.

6. Spent Thursday night hanging out with my brother and his friend in San Francisco, drinking beers and eating good food. We stopped by the restaurant he manages, called Split Bread, which is all organic food and has really good toffee cookies.

7. It is raining outside. A lot. It's like the sky is dumping whole buckets of water on the earth, for which I am very grateful, because how else are my potted plants to get watered.

8. It didn't help, though, that I left both rain jacket and umbrella in the car, and so had to run down the pathway, leap (unsucessfully) over a puddle and throw myself into the car -- none of which stopped me from looking like a wet cat and having to sit there, shaking the water from my limbs.

9. I don't really have anything else to say.

10. I just like round numbers.

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Wow, you've been productive! I'm itching to get back full-time writing when the semester ends. :-D

Enjoyed reading your "Suitcase" poem. :) Liked it a lot.

I laughed when you talked about sweaters and nude-colored tank tops or shirts. Hehehe. I guess we all have those moments.

Stay dry!

This has been a really good week for me, writing wise. Most weeks don't go this good, because of the full time job and all. But I'm happy right now. :)

Thanks!. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. :)

I laughed, too, and my boss kept looking at me like I was crazy.

We do have a momentary reprieve from the rain at the moment. A little sun is poking through, but I don't know how long it will last.

I know what you mean in terms of writing. Since I was so focused on school, I felt as if though I'd forgotten how to write a poem! So yeah, life does get in the way, doesn't it? Nevertheless, we can always go back to it.

Same here, except it's not raining; it's the chilly weather. Who knows how long that'll last. It'll get back to the humid and somewhat hot weather again. I consider 80+ degrees F. is hot. I prefer the nice Cali type of weather. Lots of people kept telling me that I was born in the wrong state because I love the chilly weather so much (below 70 deg.)! lol

Awesome to know what's going on in your writing and submission processes! And 9 & 10 made me happy :)

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