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Joyful Girl

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Happy New Year!
I have several 2012 round ups to post for books, movies, and life in general, as well as new goals for 2013. Those will all be thrown up this week.

In the meantime, be merry and safe with all your celebrating tonight. (I personally shall be wrapped in cuddly pajamas, playing board games, drinking beer, and being joyfully mellow with family.)

To one and all —

X All the Things
Sketch by The Oatmeal. I mean, er, it's Hyperbole and a Half. *sigh* (Though they are both awesome.)

[Cross posted to my website.]

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Happy New Year! And I think that sketch is actually Hyperbole and a Half, who is just as awesome as The Oatmeal :)

Dagnabbit!!! Thanks for correcting me. I think you're right.

The image came from a meme site that didn't list sources. *sigh*

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