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Five things about this and that
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1. So, rose_lemberg and shweta_narayan have been posting lately about their work as co-editors of Stone Telling and how submitters and others often address their initial emails to only Rose Lemberg, thus erasing Shweta Narayan's role in the publication. Both have provided several great posts on the subject, but most importantly, this post on gaze: "Unlike intent, which involves an act of thinking and deciding, gaze is societally conditioned. Gaze is a set of learned behaviors and reactions that we assume towards each other, internalized from what society tells us." Read the rest, because it's a great post.

2. Check out this adorable video in which some folks set up a ball pit in the middle of a city, with a sign saying "Take a seat. Make a friend." Larger balls in the pit have communication starters. I giggled and I cried. So cute! (Thanks, fantasyecho, for sharing!)

3. The Veronica Mars movie is happening! Yay! Some people have been upset that the project is being funded through kickstarter, but seanan_mcguire has a fantastic response to this, noting that life is not a zero-sum game: "The Veronica Mars movie did not take my dollars away from "more deserving" projects, because no one gets to measure that but the person who holds the dollars. Me. ... Life is not a zero-sum game. Kickstarter is not a zero-sum game. The money I am willing to shake out of the couch cushions for Veronica Mars is not the money I am willing to shake out of the couch cushions for anything else."

As a footnote to this and to avoid confusion, it should be noted that Warner Bros is not making the Veronica Mars movie and the company is not running the kickstarter project; Rob Thomas is, along with the cast and the people who loved working on the show. Warner Bros, which still owns the rights, is simply allowing Thomas and the cast to make the movie, if they get the funding, which they did.

4. Since we're on the subject of Veronica Mars, here is a fantastic post on why the show is an awesome noir story (with only a few minor spoilers from season one).

5. And it's Friday, my lovelies! Have a great weekend!

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Holy squee, Batman! I've been saying forever I wish they'd do a Veronica Mars movie. I never thought it was actually going to happen. YAY!

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