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andrea smile


Joyful Girl

Andrea Blythe's blog about writing, reading, and everything else

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*tries to remember to breathe*
andrea smile
So, um, guys. I ... I got an email today and ... and my poem, "Red Riding Hood Remembers," which was published in Linden Avenue last year (thank you!) ... It was nominated for a Rhysling award. A mother f*cking Rhysling.

You know who's won Rhysling awards? Gene Wolfe and Ursula K. Le Guinn and Catherynne M. Valente ... and I ...

I know there are a ton of amazing poets nominated, and I wish them all the best. I am just so shocked and honored to be nominated, and I ... just ...


*crawls back into consciousness*

In other news, while on floating on the sea of joy of the above discovery, I have submitted a short story to Strange Horizons. More giddy and joyful feelings abound.

Now, I think it's margarita time.

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YES! What wonderful news! You deserve it.

That's amazing! Huge, huge, huge congratulations!

Thanks! :D
(I still don't believe it.)

Congratulations!!!!! That is FANTASTIC!!!!

Congrats! YAY! I LOVED that poem. :D You deserve it!

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