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Joyful Girl

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Um, interesting title about my novel goes here
ROAR - 2
Current Project: Under the Midday Moon
New Words: 1297
Current Total Word Count: 8,034
Goal: Put together an workable draft of the novel that I would actually let someone read.

Accomplished: The first half of Chapter Three.

Random Rough Sentence(s): I was tempted to tell Adam about my parents, because what else is a best friend for, if not for talking it all out, but I didn’t know if I could handle saying the word divorce. So, I just said, “Psychedelic.”

Notes: I'm still struggling with these opening chapters, feeling like things are moving too slowly. I keep thinking that there's more I want to fit in and it's not all particularly inconsequential. For example, I almost forgot to include Claire's potential love interest in Chapter Three like I originally intended. He's in there now, but it seems like a lot is going on in the chapter. I know it's not precisely right, but onward.

In other writing news: I also finished a new poem last night and compiled a submission, which is ready to go out today. All this work had me up to midnight, which makes me zzzzZZZZZZZZZ.

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YAY word count! Keep going! :D

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