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2013 Goals Assessment

Inspired by whipchick, I'd thought I'd take a look at my year long goals and assess how I'm doing overall. I've also added two new goals, dealing with improvements to my home, to the secondary goals list. (Original list of 2013 goals is here.)

Primary Goals
1. Finish a coherent draft of Under the Midday Moon
Progress is perhaps a little slower than I hoped, but it's still progress. Not sure that I'll actually finish the entire draft by the end of the year, but I just might, especially if I pick up the pace a bit.

2. Work up to running three miles
Again, progress is slow, but steady. I'm feeling myself grow stronger week by week and I'm certain I can DO this. *believes*

3. Submit a chapbook- or full-length collection of poetry for publication
Done! Well, sort of. After sending the submission out, I realized that I might have forgotten to include an SASE, a profoundly stupid and newbie mistake. If I did forget, it doesn't really count, since it wouldn't be legitimate submission. This sucks. But never fear, I have every intention of sending out another manuscript to another publisher before June, so as to have this officially done.  Updated 8/12: I did in fact send an SASE and I know this because it came with a rejection. Second (different) manuscript sent on 7/31.

4. Address finances
Complications have sort of sidetracked my intentions to start up an IRA or retirement savings account. There's still time for me to start something up by the end of the year, but for the moment I'm putting this aside.

However, the second aspect of this goal was to start earning some money from my writing. I can't control that entirely, but I can submit my work to paying markets on a regular basis, which I'm working on.

Secondary Goals
- edit stories and submit them to paying markets (try for no less than 6 for year) (1/6) — I've sent one edited story to four different markets.
- finish Fay Fairburn 1st draft — Probably not going to happen, due to other projects of greater importance at the moment.

- perform morning poetry ritual at least six times per week — Haven't been doing this
- submit new poems to paying markets (try for no less than 6 for year) (0/6) — Three submissions were sent out, but to non-paying markets. Updated 8/12: Two poems sent out.
- begin work on my novel-in-poems idea — Notes have been taken and one scene written, so development is ongoing.
- finish 30 letter challenge — No progress, but I aim to finish this off in May. I'm giving up on this in the name of other more important projects to be accomplished. It's done what it can for me.
- post a new poem to wattpad as a part of The Poetry Project every week — A few new added, but no where near every week. Updated 8/12: No new poems for a long time.
- continue on my series of fairytale inspired poems — Some ideas and notes jotted down, but none completed. Updated 8/12: One new poem "Hansel" completed and submitted.

- attend FogCon — Missed this one.
- attend one additional convention — Could still happen... Updated 8/12: Planning to go to APE in SF.
- attend and/or participate in 12 open mics/readings (1/12) — None done so far, and it's kind of bothering me, so I need to get on that. May 1 - Poetic Justice Wednesdays
- attend poetry retreatCompleted! because writing gang retreat totally counts
- 48 Hour Film Project — Missed the deadline.

- create a system to track money spent/earned as writer and maintain receipts — Not yet, but I need to talk it out with my mom and/or sister and make it happen.
- create a filing system that functions (which may mean I need to pull my mom in on this for help) — In progress. Updated 8/12: I'm caught up, but I'm not sure the system functions as of yet.

- do yoga three mornings a week (a minimum of three sun salutations) — Haven't been, but need to make it more regular. Changing it from five times to three times a week since that's more doable for my schedule.
- keep using calorie counter, but more importantly try to incorporate healthier foods — DOING IT! I'm not perfect about it, but I'm often making mason jar salads (that make my life easier and healthier) and the system is working for me.
- make appointments as necessary (don't avoid doctors) — Sort of. I have at least one appointment that I've been avoiding and need to set. Made one, need to do one more (dentist, sigh)
- participate in sunday/saturday hikes — Very sporadically.
- participate in Wharf to Wharf run (6 miles) — Coming up, so maybe. I have however signed up for the Rave Run (3 miles) with my sisters, which I'm looking forward to. Missed it. Chances for other runs, though.

- adjust my perception of "having enough time," because it's not just about having enough, but using the time you have wisely — Working on it, but need to remind myself of this more.
- meditate for at least ten minutes every morning after yoga & every night before sleep — Haven't done this once, but should get on it at least occasionally.
- do a new set of affirmations every month — I keep meaning to, but haven't been.
- go to monthly women's circles or other spiritual meetings — Haven't gone to any yet.

NEW GOALS - For Home
- get art framed and up around the house - Updated 8/12: In progress
- organize closet and art supplies into functional order - Updated 8/12: In progress

At some point I would like to write a spec script and start making some short films, but that may be too much right now with everything else I already have on my plate, so that's more of a tertiary goal. — Planned to participate in a short script challenge, but it ended up being too much. Was fun to think about though.

What I've Learned So Far and/or Could Improve Upon

Bite Sized Pieces – Big goals can be a bit overwhelming, so the weekly goals has helped me break things down into little pieces that I know I can accomplish. This way I know that each week forward progress gets made in some way or another.

Plan for What's Doable – That said, it's equally important to make sure the list of weekly goals is doable. I have a life beyond my writing, family and friends I want to hang out with, trips to take, events to go to, errands to run, and downtime that needs to be had, so I try to make sure that the weekly goals I set are doable from a practical stand point: Do I really have time to do these things, assuming I use my time wisely? The answer is always yes. It doesn't mean I always get the list done (in fact, more often than not, I don't), but it means I could do it.

Accountability – Whenever the fantastic Kima Jones posts on twitter about her writing she always uses the hashtag "accountability", and I love that. Hold yourself accountable, because no one else will. You're life is what you make of it and the effort you put it. So, while my weekly goal posts are always public and I do get some kind feedback, it really comes down to my own sense of being accountable. It's really about making choices, such as getting some writing down before turning on the TV or video game, which is something I personally need to work on.

How are you doing with your goals? What have you learned or what could you do to be better about meeting those goals?

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