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andrea smile


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Napowrimo Round Up
andrea smile

Evidence of poem #1

Poem #2: untitled

Evidence poem #3

Evidence of poems #4-7

Evidence of poems #8-11

Poem #12: "Hunted"

Evidence of poems #13-15

Evidence of poems #16-21

Evidence of poems #22-27

Poem #28: "though you can't see it"

Evidence of poems #29-30

So that's 30 new poems! Yay!

Some will remain only on the pages of my notebook, some will be reworked and submitted to journals, and some are small pieces of much, much longer works. Always a fun challenge.

If you participated in Napowrimo, how did you do?

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I did it! A couple of times I fell behind (due to moving), but caught up and finished on the thirtieth. Some are good as they are, just a bit of brushing up. Some may be salvageable. Some shall never see the light of my computer screen again, but i fucking did it! :D

Congratulations on a successful and productive NaPoWriMo!

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