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andrea smile


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andrea smile

I had a dream last night that Nicholas Kaufmann (nick_kaufmann) came to my house (except it wasn't my house, really) to hang out with my brother and I and watch horror movies, but my house was a huge mess, so he cleaned it and washed all my dishes.

Afterward he showed me an advert on the back of a magazine. The left panel showed a kid with an unsettling stare and in the second the kid had his mouth open. His tongue turned into a jagged road that disappeared into a dark woods in the back of his throat. The images kept shifting in truly frightening way I can't explain. "I suppose it is distasteful," said Nicholas Kaufmann. But while it was certainly terrifying, I couldn't see why it was distasteful.

While drinking beers we started talking about getting food. Kaufmann kept giving me a hard time. He kept saying something like I can't believe I cleaned your house and you don't have anything to eat. And I laughed (but felt bad) and was like, "Hey, man, I didn't ask you to clean my house."

Then, I woke up.

Never got to find out what horror movie we were going to watch.

Coincidentally, I'm hoping my preorder of his new book, Dying is my Business, will have arrived finally when I return stateside. Perhaps the anticipation is what prompted the dream?

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It was distasteful of me to show you such terrifying pictures. Sorry!

Ah, but the images were as fascinating as they were frightening, so you are forgiven. ;)

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